Legal Aid Solicitors

Many of those people who are in the terrible situation of being harassed and bullied by local authorities will at some stage be offered the help of a legal aid solicitor, From the start of the Local Authorities input you will hear this very often, More often than not Mothers & Fathers feel as though they ” need ” the help of these ” Free ” Solicitors.


In the UK and most other countries Legal Aid has been abolished meaning that if you need the service of a lawyer you are going to have to pay, However strangely enough this does not apply to ” Family law cases ” but more specifically family law cases in which the Local Authority ( Government ) Are attempting to take your children.



This is sadly where the corruption begins, What people neglect to notice is that the majority of these ” Legal Aid ” Solicitors are actually working on the same Bench as the people who are trying to take your children, This is sometimes as a Child’s Guardian ( for the local authority ) or a member of the local authority legal panel ( which help cover up their wrong doings with legal jargon )


To put it in simple terms they all ” piss in the same pot ” and will never really work with you. For example. Most legal aid solicitors will tell you how they need to ” Look at the local Authorities concerns ” and ” discuss what problems to acknowledge ” Before you know it they will have you thinking social services are correct, They are the first part of the brainwave and will do everything in their power to poison any chance you have of getting your children back, The defense that these solicitors will put forward will be cleverly worded to appear to defend you whilst ” confirming the case of the local authority ” 


Usually they will attempt to gag you and stop you at all costs from speaking out in the court room ( Either in terms of Defense or producing documents to the court room ) The less you do for yourself and the more you put your faith in these people the better the outcome for them. 





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