Why Forced Adoption and not Support?

Social Services are often reluctant to offer Mothers or fathers ( Sometimes Both ) Support when it comes to keeping your children with you. This may come as a slight shock ( or to some it may not ) as they claim to support and keep families together. Yet for some reason they seem all too keen to have our children taken away and placed into the terrible care system which exists today. 


Other than forced adoption there are some other examples of plans which could keep mothers with their Children. 

* Foster care placement – You would live with your child within a Foster Care environment, The length of time would be set by the courts and this can cost around £1000 per week. ( Costs Social Services )

* Residential placement – Similar to above, However rather than this being with the family you would expect to live in a more ” Hostel ” Like environment, Perhaps housing several other mothers / Parents ( Depending on the type of residential unit ) However this can cost up to £3000 a week ( Again to social services ) 


* ISW – This is an Independent social worker, Whilst this is not ” Housing ” you and your children together, The ISW will conclude a separate assessment of  your parental capabilities. They will write a report to the courts consisting of what they think should be the ideal plan ( IE placing child with mother / Father ) However these are often used when no ” Placement order ” can be granted. The costs of a ISW can range from £1000 – £6000 per case ( Social Services )


So as you can see there are some high costs involved with ” supporting you ” However adoption costs them ” Nothing at all ” so you could argue that financial costs play a huge part.  



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