How to spot Corruption ( Solicitors )

To follow on from a previously popular article I wrote, I would like to provide some additional tips to look for if you choose to use a legal aid solicitor. Many ” Legal aid ” Solicitors that assist in Social service Family law cases will sadly work more against you than with you. 

The most alarming sign will be if your Solicitor says ” We need to look at the concerns by the local authority “

Another concerning factor would be if your Solicitor advises you to ” comply ” with social services as it ” will look better when it gets to court ” or ” accepting faults is the only way you have a chance ” 

you can also test the waters by asking your solicitor some of the following questions ( as soon as possible when you first meet ideally )

1) Will you be willing to let me write my own defense and or letter to the court highlighting my concerns / key points. 

2) Will you be willing to ” Cross examine ” Social workers and help put forward a Defense acting in my ( the clients ) best interest. 


Very important

Many legal Aid solicitors will get around this with some clever wording such as ” We need to also work in the child’s best interest also ” 

Whilst of course professionals are indeed going to be concerned for the health and well being of a child, This is for the Local authority, Children’s Guardian and Children’s Solicitor. For example a Legal Aid solicitor ( Government aided ) in criminal cases will do everything in their power to make sure their clients do not go to prison.

Yet in family courts the Legal aid solicitors ( not all but over 90% ) will try to make the case ” easier ” for the local authorities.

Every case a legal Aid Solicitor takes on ( Family courts ) can expect to gain at least £8000-£10000 per case, This is even more concerning as the courts now aim to have cases finalized when possible in under 6 months. It’s a lot of money for the ” Government to pay ” when the country is in such financial crisis.

Should any of the following signs appear, You can guarantee that at some point down the line, Your solicitor is focusing more about easy £££ than your ” LIFE ” as lets face it, what could possibly be more life damaging than having your children removed?






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