Human Rights – Or not? – Very important

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We supposedly live in a country where we all have certain human rights that have to be met, In certain circumstances Human rights may be breached ( But only for very serious matters such as counter terrorism and when lives could be at danger etc etc ) I will of course provide more information relating to this. 

I must stress the importance of you quoting and standing by your human rights from the moment social services become involved. They may try to make you feel as though you do not know what you are talking about. Your solicitor may also do the same, That is if you are using one, If you are and the solicitor is Legal aid I would advise you check the following. Corrupt Legal Aid Solicitors 


At this stage I would like to point out the following DO NOT QUOTE YOUR HUMAN RIGHTS UNTIL YOU ARE IN COURT!


The majority of family courts will follow Judges Behaviors passed down from the current high court judge who deals with Family law cases, At the moment this person Recorder BS is over turning many cases on the basis of human rights, To keep this Blog post on topic, I shall cover Court Appeals and other procedures later.

For now, Lets take a look at some very important human right acts. 


Article 8: Right to Respect for Private and Family Life – 1. Everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence.

2. There shall be no interference by a public authority with the exercise of this right except such as is in accordance with the law and is necessary in a democratic society in the interests of national security, public safety or the economic well-being of the country, for the prevention of disorder or crime, for the protection of health or morals, or for the protection of the rights and freedoms of others.

Article 8 protects your rights in four areas: your private life, your family life, your home and correspondence. It is a qualified right, which means that your right to respect in these areas can be infringed in certain circumstances (see paragraph headed ‘A qualified right’ below).

Article 8 refers to the right to respect and so in addition to protecting your rights from interference by a public authority, it imposes a positive obligation on public authorities to actively protect your rights in certain circumstances. This can include taking action to secure respect for your rights even where the interference is being caused by a private individual (see paragraph headed ‘Positive obligations’ below)


Article 12: Right to Marry and Found a Family – 


Article 10: Right to freedom of expression – 


Click here for relevant human rights acts 





How to spot Corruption ( Solicitors )

To follow on from a previously popular article I wrote, I would like to provide some additional tips to look for if you choose to use a legal aid solicitor. Many ” Legal aid ” Solicitors that assist in Social service Family law cases will sadly work more against you than with you. 

The most alarming sign will be if your Solicitor says ” We need to look at the concerns by the local authority “

Another concerning factor would be if your Solicitor advises you to ” comply ” with social services as it ” will look better when it gets to court ” or ” accepting faults is the only way you have a chance ” 

you can also test the waters by asking your solicitor some of the following questions ( as soon as possible when you first meet ideally )

1) Will you be willing to let me write my own defense and or letter to the court highlighting my concerns / key points. 

2) Will you be willing to ” Cross examine ” Social workers and help put forward a Defense acting in my ( the clients ) best interest. 


Very important

Many legal Aid solicitors will get around this with some clever wording such as ” We need to also work in the child’s best interest also ” 

Whilst of course professionals are indeed going to be concerned for the health and well being of a child, This is for the Local authority, Children’s Guardian and Children’s Solicitor. For example a Legal Aid solicitor ( Government aided ) in criminal cases will do everything in their power to make sure their clients do not go to prison.

Yet in family courts the Legal aid solicitors ( not all but over 90% ) will try to make the case ” easier ” for the local authorities.

Every case a legal Aid Solicitor takes on ( Family courts ) can expect to gain at least £8000-£10000 per case, This is even more concerning as the courts now aim to have cases finalized when possible in under 6 months. It’s a lot of money for the ” Government to pay ” when the country is in such financial crisis.

Should any of the following signs appear, You can guarantee that at some point down the line, Your solicitor is focusing more about easy £££ than your ” LIFE ” as lets face it, what could possibly be more life damaging than having your children removed?





Why Forced Adoption and not Support?

Social Services are often reluctant to offer Mothers or fathers ( Sometimes Both ) Support when it comes to keeping your children with you. This may come as a slight shock ( or to some it may not ) as they claim to support and keep families together. Yet for some reason they seem all too keen to have our children taken away and placed into the terrible care system which exists today. 


Other than forced adoption there are some other examples of plans which could keep mothers with their Children. 

* Foster care placement – You would live with your child within a Foster Care environment, The length of time would be set by the courts and this can cost around £1000 per week. ( Costs Social Services )

* Residential placement – Similar to above, However rather than this being with the family you would expect to live in a more ” Hostel ” Like environment, Perhaps housing several other mothers / Parents ( Depending on the type of residential unit ) However this can cost up to £3000 a week ( Again to social services ) 


* ISW – This is an Independent social worker, Whilst this is not ” Housing ” you and your children together, The ISW will conclude a separate assessment of  your parental capabilities. They will write a report to the courts consisting of what they think should be the ideal plan ( IE placing child with mother / Father ) However these are often used when no ” Placement order ” can be granted. The costs of a ISW can range from £1000 – £6000 per case ( Social Services )


So as you can see there are some high costs involved with ” supporting you ” However adoption costs them ” Nothing at all ” so you could argue that financial costs play a huge part.  


Legal Aid Solicitors

Many of those people who are in the terrible situation of being harassed and bullied by local authorities will at some stage be offered the help of a legal aid solicitor, From the start of the Local Authorities input you will hear this very often, More often than not Mothers & Fathers feel as though they ” need ” the help of these ” Free ” Solicitors.


In the UK and most other countries Legal Aid has been abolished meaning that if you need the service of a lawyer you are going to have to pay, However strangely enough this does not apply to ” Family law cases ” but more specifically family law cases in which the Local Authority ( Government ) Are attempting to take your children.



This is sadly where the corruption begins, What people neglect to notice is that the majority of these ” Legal Aid ” Solicitors are actually working on the same Bench as the people who are trying to take your children, This is sometimes as a Child’s Guardian ( for the local authority ) or a member of the local authority legal panel ( which help cover up their wrong doings with legal jargon )


To put it in simple terms they all ” piss in the same pot ” and will never really work with you. For example. Most legal aid solicitors will tell you how they need to ” Look at the local Authorities concerns ” and ” discuss what problems to acknowledge ” Before you know it they will have you thinking social services are correct, They are the first part of the brainwave and will do everything in their power to poison any chance you have of getting your children back, The defense that these solicitors will put forward will be cleverly worded to appear to defend you whilst ” confirming the case of the local authority ” 


Usually they will attempt to gag you and stop you at all costs from speaking out in the court room ( Either in terms of Defense or producing documents to the court room ) The less you do for yourself and the more you put your faith in these people the better the outcome for them. 




Stopping Forced Adoption – Revealing the truth

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This is the blog for our twitter as twitter restricts the maximum post count, we need another platform to publish our information. In time we will move to our own servers to make information and user data more secure.

For now we welcome anyone who is willing to help us publish information revealing the truth behind corrupt forced adoption in the United Kingdom and corruption within the social service ( children’s service ) worldwide.

over 90% of cases where children are removed from parents are for Financial purposes only and there is no real risk to the children[s] in question. It’s time for the truth to be revealed, corrupt workers to be names, Information to be leaked and for total change to occur. One person can only do so much, Although if many become one, We shall be heard.